S52. Open session on volcanic processes

Conveners and Chairpersons: Marco Knuever (Università di Bari), Alessandro Pisello (Università di Perugia), Francesco Maria Lo Forte (Università di Palermo), Emanuele Caruso (Università di Bari)




Tuesday 3 September 2024 [15.30-17.30]

Aula D

52-1     15.30 - 15.45
Colle F.*, Masotta M., Costa S., Giacomoni P.P., Marani M., Trua T. & Pichavant M. : Petrological evolution of the trans-crustal plumbing system of Marsili volcano (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy): insights into crystal mush heterogeneity from glomerocrysts variability

52-2     15.45 - 16.00
Masotta M.*, Colle F., Costa S. & Landi P. : Plagioclase dissolution and reaction in a hydrous basaltic melt: a proxy for deciphering time scales of mixing events at Stromboli volcano (Italy)

52-3     16.00 - 16.15
Knuever M.*, Mele D. & Sulpizio R. : Skarn formation associated with alkaline magma chambers: comparison of Somma-Vesuvius, Colli Albani and Merapi volcanic systems

52-4     16.15 - 16.30
Brum da Silveira D.*, Thordarson T., Höskuldsson Á., Moreland W. & Jónsdóttir I. : The 3ka Búrfellshraun lava flow field, Northeastern Iceland: lava dynamics and surface morphology

52-5     16.30 - 16.45
Sortino F.*, Calderone L., Giammanco S. & Ferlito C. : Monitoring fumarole emissions on the flanks of mount Etna and correlation with volcanic activity

52-6     16.45 - 17.00
De Natale G.*, Rolandi G., Troise C., Di Lascio M. & Sacchi M. : The 1538 eruption at Campi Flegrei resurgent caldera: implications for unrest evolution and eruption hazard

52-7     17.00 - 17.15
Moretti R.* : H2O-CO2 fluid infiltration and the Campi Flegrei unrest: from hydrothermal drying to shallow magma rejuvenation

52-12     17.15 - 17.30
Musu A.*, Caricchi L., Vetere F., Griffiths T., Petrelli M., Corsaro R.A., Peres S., Perugini D. & Pisello A. : Linking crystal textural and chemical features to pre-eruptive magmatic processes: insights from dynamic experiments on natural Mt. Etna trachybasalts


Tuesday 3 September 2024

Poster Area

52-8     Booth 0
--- Withdrawn --- Morelli R.S.*, Delle Donne D., Orazi M., Nardone L., Pappalardo L., Gammaldi S., Soldovieri M.G., Benincasa A., Bobbio A., Caputo A., Morra V. & Caliro S. : Hydrothermal outgassing dynamics revealed by seismic observations at Pisciarelli, Campi Flegrei caldera

52-9     Booth 165
Carrazana A. & Gimeno D.* : Volcano- and chemostratigraphy of the calk-alkaline and peralkaline succession of Sulcis region, SW Sardinia, Italy: new pyroclastic units, redefinition of others, and improvement of the mapping of volcanic units

52-10     Booth 166
Caruso E.*, Sulpizio R., Costa A., Petrelli M., Massaro S. & Fisauli G. : A novel approach to assess magma ascent times through crystal zonation analysis

52-11     Booth 167
Mele D.*, Knuever M., Dellino P., Costa A., Fornelli A., Massaro S. & Sulpizio R. : New evidence of syn-eruptive magma-carbonate interaction: the case study of the Pomici di Avellino eruption at Somma-Vesuvius (Italy)

52-13     Booth 169
--- Withdrawn --- Neglia F.*, Caruso E., Dioguardi F., Mele D., Sarocchi D. & Sulpizio R. : Experimental analysis to calculate the coefficient of restitution of irregular volcanic particles

52-14     Booth 170
Novembre D.*, Carrazana A. & Gimeno D. : Solid-state synthesis of calcosilicates mimics pyroclastic rheomorphic rhyolitic- xenolith interaction in the Monte Ulmus peralkaline unit (SW Sardinia, Italy)

52-15     Booth 171
Sieber J.*, Arzilli F., Lo Monaco S. & Carroll M.R. : Alkali feldspar dissolution kinetics in trachytic melts

52-16     Booth 172
Tranquilino C.*, Dioguardi F., Gentile L., Caballero L. & Sarocchi D. : Finding the best protocol to characterize the rheological behavior of fine volcanic sediment suspensions