S43. Groundwater resources innovation and sustainability: from characterisation to management of saturated and unsaturated zone

Conveners and Chairpersons: Maria Clementina Caputo (CNR), Stefania Da Pelo (Università di Cagliari), Lorenzo De Carlo (CNR), Matia Menichini (CNR), Maurizio Polemio (CNR), Glenda Taddia (Politecnico di Torino)




Tuesday 3 September 2024 [08.30-10.30]

Aula G

43-1     08.30 - 08.45
Peruzzo L.*, De Carlo L., Caputo M.C. & Cassiani G. : ERT characterization of treated water pathways from large infiltration trenches in unsaturated fractured/karstified calcarenite

43-2     08.45 - 09.00
De Giglio O., Savino A.F.*, Bagordo F., Grassi T., Brigida S., Triggiano F., Apollonio F., Colella D., Turturro A.C., De Carlo L., Caputo M.C. & Montagna M.T. : Column test to study the influence of lithological characteristics of rocks on the hygienic-sanitary quality of groundwater

43-3     09.00 - 09.15
Verani M.*, Caputo M.C., Cassiani G., De Giglio O., Milani M., Carducci A., Federigi I., Pagani A., Angori A., De Carlo L., Turturro A.C., Prigiobbe V., Triggiano F., Savino A.F., Bagordo F., De Donno M.A., Grassi T., Brigida S., Consoli S., D’Emilio A., Barresi S., Bivona F. & Montagna M.T. : Predictive dynamics of microbiological contamination of groundwater in the earth critical zone and impact on human health: the DY.MI.CR.ON Project

43-4     09.15 - 09.30
Arras C., Calia M.*, Biddau R., Murgia A. & Da Pelo S. : Evaluation of recharge sources and nitrates origin in a karst spring: a case study from the F.na Nurighe spring (NW Sardinia, Italy)

43-5     09.30 - 09.45
Lobina F.*, Da Pelo S., Biddau R., Coppola A., Vacca A., Hassan M.B.S., Arras C. & Porru C. : Evaluation of nitrate leaching processes during infiltration and transport in the unsaturated zone

43-6     09.45 - 10.00
Piscedda F.A.*, Wanty R., Arras C., Porru M.C., Biddau R., Musu F., Podda F. & Da Pelo S. : Assessing surface water-groundwater exchange dynamics for managed aquifer recharge design: a case study in Muravera, Southeastern Sardinia, Italy

43-7     10.00 - 10.15
Porru M.C.*, Davids T., Arras C., Oude Essink G.H.P., Piscedda F.A. & Da Pelo S. : Methodological approach to simulate the evolution seawater intrusion with climate change

43-8     10.15 - 10.30
Surian B.*, Forte E. & Zini L. : Monitoring saltwater intrusion in the area surrounding the Grado lagoon (NE Italy)

Tuesday 3 September 2024 [11.00-13.00]

Aula G

43-9     11.00 - 11.15
Agius B. & Mamo J.* : Characterising rainfall-runoff processes and recharge rates in Mediterranean ephemeral streams with small impoundment dams

43-10     11.15 - 11.30
Caputo M.C., De Carlo L., Doveri M., Giamberini M.S., Giordano R., Masciale R., Menichini M., Portoghese I.*, Turturro A.C. & Passarella G. : Integrated assessment of climate impacts on ecosystem functions and productivity of critical-zone eco-hydrology: the Italian case study of the INTERACTION project

43-11     11.30 - 11.45
Di Giovanni A.*, Di Curzio D. & Rusi S. : High-altitude minor springs in Central Italy tapped for drinking supply: hydrogeological characterization and aquifer potentialities evaluation

43-12     11.45 - 12.00
Franceschi L.*, Menichini M. , Parisi A. , Giannecchini R. & Doveri M. : The effect of rainfall extreme events in the unsaturated and saturated zone: the case study of Pianosa Island (Tuscan Archipelago, Italy)

43-13     12.00 - 12.15
Parisi A.*, Doveri M., Franceschi L., Baneschi I., Provenzale P., Raco B. & Menichini M. : Hydrological processes in the aquifer system unsaturated zone: insights from the small Mediterranean island of Pianosa (Tuscan Archipelago)

43-14     12.15 - 12.30
Taddia G.*, Gizzi M., Berta A. & Lo Russo S. : Renewable energy application: sustainability techniques in Torino Urban City

43-15     12.30 - 12.45
Turturro A.C.*, De Carlo L. & Caputo M.C. : Integrated experimental approach for supporting the planning of a Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) plantIntegrated experimental approach for supporting the planning of a Managed Aquifer Recharge (MAR) plant

43-16     12.45 - 13.00
Tiwari S., Saviano S. & Polemio M.* : An integrated numerical modelling approach to the management of a coastal plain aquifer (Southern Italy)


Tuesday 3 September 2024

Poster Area

43-17     Booth 139
Brigida S.*, De Giglio O., Bagordo F., Grassi T., De Carlo L., Savino A.F., Turturro A.C., Montagna M.T. & Caputo M.C. : Review of laboratory-scale studies to assess factors affecting the fate of microorganisms in porous media

43-18     Booth 140
Fuoco I.*, Criscuoli A., Vespasiano G., Bloise A., De Rosa R., Apollaro C. & Figoli A. : From geochemistry to treatment: a multidisciplinary study for reuse of safe natural waters

43-19     Booth 141
Lapadula S., Balestra V.*, Barzaghi B., Falaschi M., Ficetola G.F. & Manenti R. : Rhythmic response of cave animals to external cycles

43-20     Booth 142
Mainini A.*, Sabattini M., Critelli V., Arosio D., Brozzo G., Panzani A., Droghieri E., Righetti S. & Ronchetti F. : River Magra aquifer system groundwater flow model, for correct water management in the perspective of climate change (Liguria Region, Italy)

43-21     Booth 143
Parisi A.*, Di Gregorio S. & Gentini A. : BIOflushing technology for in situ applications of the Soil-Omic protocol. Operational scale prototype of a plant for the decontamination of soil in the saturated and unsaturated zone

43-22     Booth 144
Peruzzo L.*, Werban U., Pohle M., Cassiani G., Consoli S. & Vanella D. : EMI and ERT characterization of plant-scale irrigation and ET: an orange orchard-case study and methodological challenges

43-23     Booth 145
Torres D., Zambrano M.* & Baena J.G. : Use of GPR imaging for early detection of water leaks in pipelines

43-24     Booth 146
Volpe A.*, De Carlo L., Masciale R. & Caputo M.C. : Groundwater - lake interaction in a mediterranean coastal aquifer: the Alimini lake case study (Southern Italy)