S16. Geomaterials for a Sustainable Development

Conveners and Chairpersons: Davide Comboni (Università di Milano), Marina Clausi (Università di Bari), Roberta Occhipinti (Università di Catania), Claudio Finocchiaro (Università di Catania), Stefano Columbu (Università di Cagliari), Concetta Rispoli (Università di Napoli Federico II)




Wednesday 4 September 2024 [08.30-10.30]

Aula H

16-1     08.30 - 09.00
[KEYNOTE] Arizzi A.* & Cultrone G. : The use of raw materials and residues for the manufacturing of sustainable lime mortars

16-2     09.00 - 09.15
Fastelli M.*, Vivani R., Sassi P., Speranzini E., Schoubben A., Di Michele A., Zucchini A., Mortaro F. & Comodi P. : Effect of nano Mg-Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) on chemical and physical properties of cement paste: preliminary results

16-3     09.15 - 09.30
Brodu G.*, Murgia S., Norio N., Arca M., Aragoni M.C. & Columbu S. : Role of the application method in the calcium phosphonate consolidation of pyroclastic rocks used in the environmental heritage

16-4     09.30 - 09.45
Zafarana S.E.*, Scanferla P., Finocchiaro C., Barone G., Mazzoleni P. & Kraxner J. : Alkali-activated materials based on volcanic ash and waste glass: sustainable and alternative geomaterials from waste to resource

16-5     09.45 - 10.00
Ranellucci F.*, Ulian G., Moro D., Sangiorgi C., Tataranni P. & Valdrè G. : Recovered silt filled geopolymers for low-strength concrete applications in road construction

16-6     10.00 - 10.15
Bertino A.*, Caggiani M.C., Fugazzotto M., Portale S., Starinieri S., Mazzoleni P. & Barone G. : Application of pigmented geopolymers in Cultural Heritage conservation and aging studies on a geopolymer mock-up

16-7     10.15 - 10.30
Fugazzotto M.*, Barone G. & Mazzoleni P. : “Cradle-to-cradle”: waste geopolymers as precursors for new geopolymers in the restoration and construction sectors

Wednesday 4 September 2024 [11.00-13.00]

Aula H

16-8     11.00 - 11.15
Massa M.*, Vola G., Ardit M., Bresciani P. & Colombari V. : Hydration processes of geomaterials for green and sustainable applications

16-9     11.15 - 11.30
Di Chiara G.*, Farina I., Fraternali F. & Petrillo A. : New materials for civil engineering through solidification and stabilization processes

16-10     11.30 - 11.45
D’Alessio D.*, Corti M., Campione M., Giuntoli F., Ceccato A. & Malaspina N. : From field to laboratory: geo-inspired strategies for the enhancement of the water-mediated mineral carbonation for the reduction of its energy and environmental impacts

16-11     11.45 - 12.00
Animali L.*, Corrado S., Bartoli M., Mitillo N., Tuccimei P. & Giorcelli M. : Characterization and use of biochar, a sustainable material, for water purification and carbon storage

16-12     12.00 - 12.15
Cofano V.*, Clausi M., Pannu D.S., Mathew J., Barkhordari D., Khorshidi Nazloo E., Santoro D. & Pinto D. : The use of olive oil-modified geopolymers for municipal wastewater treatment

16-13     12.15 - 12.30
Coticelli S.*, Abad I., Balassone G., Cappelletti P., Rispoli C., Granitzio F., Farenzena M. & Mondillo N. : Geology and mineralogy of the Sa Pigada Bianca bentonite deposit (Sardinia, Italy): preliminary data

16-14     12.30 - 12.45
Dore E.*, Biddau R., Fancello D., Frau F., Medas D., Musu E. & Podda F. : Investigations on simultaneous Sb and As removal from mining drainages by Layered Double Hydroxides (LDHs)

16-15     12.45 - 13.00
Mancinelli M.*, Spagnoli E., di Benedetto F., Cristino V., Montegrossi G., Vola G., Barion L., Martucci A. & Ardit M. : New insights in the optimization of sulfur dioxide flue gas desulfurization (FGD) using porous materials in a semi-dryer system


Wednesday 4 September 2024

Poster Area

16-16     Booth 37
Mameli P.*, Martucci A., Alberti A.Ϯ, Mancinelli M. & Oggiano G. : First insights on the synthesis of cordierite from Sardinian raw materials

16-17     Booth 38
Clausi M.*, Girardi G., Savino S., Manica M., Attrotto R., D’Accolti L. & Pinto D. : Metakaolin – Blast furnace slag geopolymers as catalyst support for water treatment

16-18     Booth 39
Zafarana S.E.*, Achilli A., Barone G., Bersani D., Finocchiaro C., Fornasini L., Mantovani L., Portale S. & Mazzoleni P. : Valorisation of sawing sludge from Cuasso al Monte (Italy) in alkali-activation process: feasibility study

16-19     Booth 40
Finocchiaro C.*, Occhipinti R., Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Andreola F., Romagnoli M. & Leonelli C. : Optimization with slaked lime of alkali-activated pastes based on Mt. Etna's volcanic ash: rheological and physical-mechanical assessment

16-20     Booth 41
Meloni P., Columbu S.*, Cocco O., Carcangiu G. & Palomba M. : Lime and higth zeolitic geomaterials content in mixtures: perspectives in hydraulicized eco-mortars production

16-21     Booth 42
Gatta G.D., Comboni D.*, Chiappella L., Battiston T. & Lotti P. : The role of temperature on the pressure-mediated adsorption in natural zeolites: the case of leonhardite

16-22     Booth 43
Corti M.*, D’Alessio D., Campione M., Yivlialin R., Bussetti G., Lucotti A., Tommasini M. & Malaspina N. : Incipient carbonate phases formation on brucite [Mg(OH)2] single crystals surfaces during microwave-driven carbonation

16-23     Booth 44
d’Aniello F., Arizzi A., Cappelletti P., Cultrone G., Di Benedetto C., Izzo F., Langella A., Rispoli C. & De Bonis A.* : Optimizing traditional materials: a systematic approach to formulate restoration mortars for improved substrate compatibility

16-24     Booth 45
Gambino F.*, Longhitano N., Tazzini A., Mancini S., Ghignone S. & Dino G. : Tadelakt: a thousand-year-old technique for the production of special plasters with unique properties

16-25     Booth 46
Lezzerini M.*, Aquino A. & Pagnotta S. : Investigation on geopolymeric mortar production by using clay bricks waste

16-26     Booth 47
Piepoli L.*, Grieco G., Della Porta G., Marinoni N., Govoni D. & Fumagalli L. : Comparative trace element concentrations in carbonate lithologies used for the production of lime and their washing muds

16-27     Booth 48
Ulian G.* & Valdrè G. : Multi-methodological analysis of orpiment As2S3 and related possible applications in bidimensional optoelectronics

16-28     Booth 49
Comboni D., Lotti P.*, Gatta G.D., Battiston T. & Pagliaro F. : Hydrated borates at non ambient conditions: pivotal experiments in the production of neutron-shielding concretes

16-29     Booth 50
Comboni D.*, Lotti P., Gatta G.D., Battiston T. & Pagliaro F. : Inderborite: a comprehensive reinvestigation of its technological features

16-30     Booth 51
Occhipinti R.*, Bertino A., Barone G. & Mazzoleni P. : Tripoli Formation rocks as new resources in alkaline-activation technology: a feasibility study

16-31     Booth 52
Parlapiano F.* : New method to quantify fluorite in geo-complex material: the case of Pianciano mine (Central Italy)