S14. Interoperable and multiscale geological data-analysis for landscape evolution monitoring by applying innovative remote sensing technologies

Conveners and Chairpersons: Marina Zingaro (Università di Bari), Vincenzo Massimi (Planetek Srl), Domenico Capolongo (Università di Bari), Gaetano Ortolano (Università di Catania)




Thursday 5 September 2024 [15.30-17.30]

Aula M

14-1     15.30 - 15.45
Kushabaha A.*, Scicchitano G., Refice A., Marsico A., Tapete D., Ursi A., Capolongo D. & Zingaro M. : Integrating multispectral normalized difference vegetation index (NDVI) to analyze land cover changes in sediment connectivity analysis

14-2     15.45 - 16.00
Sblano A.*, Mancino S., Lovergine F.P., Massimi V., Capolongo D. & Amatulli D. : Unified Global Landslide Catalog - A single global-scale standardized landslide dataset

14-3     16.00 - 16.15
Argentiero I.*, Bovenga F., Borrelli R., Massimi V., Nutricato R. & Nitti D.O. : Analysis tools for supporting the exploitation of MTInSAR products in monitoring landscape evolution

14-4     16.15 - 16.30
Pirulli G., Mancino S.*, Sabato G., Parise M., Scardino G. & Scicchitano G. : Landslide body segmentation from satellite imagery using artificial intelligence model: case studies Ischia island and Forlì - Cesena area

14-5     16.30 - 16.45
Vanzani F.*, Carbonneau P. & Fontana A. : Deep learning to automatically map braided palaeochannels from optical traces in the Venetian - Friulian Plain (NE Italy)

14-6     16.45 - 17.00
Bozzolan E., Cecchetto M., Doolaeghe D., Taffetani E., Brenna A., Surian N. & Bizzi S.* : Systematic monitoring of river landform evolution across scales: from localized change detection to catchment connectivity

14-7     17.00 - 17.15
(Invited) Vance G.*, Clementucci R., Picotti V. & Willett S.D. : Catchment-averaged denudation rates in the Northern Apennines and Ligurian Alps and implications for landscape dynamics

14-8     17.15 - 17.30
Silvani F.*, Melelli L., Mirabella F., Cardinali M., Bucci F., Santangelo M., Pazzaglia F.J. & Barchi M.R. : Geomorphic signature of the eastward marching of Quaternary extensional tectonics in the Northern Apennines (central Italy): the Colfiorito intermontane basins key area

Thursday 5 September 2024 [17.30-19.30]

Aula M

14-9     17.30 - 18.00
[KEYNOTE] Piana F.*, Mantovani A. & Lombardo V. : Geological Data and the concept of Quality. Theory and application

14-10     18.00 - 18.15
Salerno A.*, Commis L. & Catalano S. : Rock outcrops classification by Sentinel-2 images: a new gis-based toolbox proposal

14-11     18.15 - 18.30
Yaaqoub A.*, Essaifi A. , Clementucci R., Ballato P. , Zayane R., Faccenna C. & Pagli C. : Incision rates into Quaternary lava flows of the Middle Atlas and Western Mesta (Morocco): implications for landscape evolution

14-12     18.30 - 18.45
Malusà M.G.*, Resentini A. & Wittmann H. : A two-stage river capture event in Corsica and its impact on erosion rates and offshore sedimentation revealed by geological and in situ 10Be cosmogenic data

14-13     18.45 - 19.00
Pezzotta A.*, Marinoni A., Al Kindi M., Zucali M. & Zerboni A. : How long does the signature of tectonic events last in the landscape? Topographical analysis of Jebel Akhdar dome and surrounding Semail Ophiolite in the Al-Hajar Mountains (northern Sultanate of Oman)

14-14     19.00 - 19.15
Di Pietro G.*, D’Agostino A., Ortolano G., Fazio E., Visalli R., Musumeci R.E. & Cirrincione R. : Web publication of multiscale geological data, methodology and processes

14-15     19.15 - 19.30
Ruscitto V.*, Delchiaro M., Della Seta M., Gribenski N., Richard M., Iacobucci G., Piacentini D., Zocchi M. & Troiani F. : Fluvial record interpretation for the extraction of climatic and tectonic signals in the Adriatic Piedmont Zone of the Apennines (central Italy, Marche region)


Thursday 5 September 2024

Poster Area

14-16     Booth 39
Zahabnazouri S.*, Capolongo D., Wigand P., Shahbazid S. & Dimotta A. : Soil erosion assessment using the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation (RUSLE) in Google Earth Engine in Bradano Basin

14-17     Booth 40
Balsamo L.*, Caldareri F., Parrino N., Maltese A. & Sulli A. : The isoradiometric shoreline extraction method as a proxy for Medicane impact quantification: a case study of Bals event along the Sciacca coast (southern Sicily)

14-18     Booth 41
Caldareri F.*, Parrino N., Balsamo L., Dardanelli G., Todaro S., Maltese A. & Sulli A. : A newly developed Shoreline Extraction tool from satellite imagery: case studies in Sicily (Central Mediterranean region)

14-19     Booth 42
De Bellis M.*, Capolongo D., Marsico A. & Scicchitano G. : Application of morphometric indexes aimed to the monitoring of surface processes within the hydrographic basin of the Ofanto river

14-20     Booth 43
Clementucci R.*, Uchusov E., Willett S. & Wang Y. : External forcing on drainage divide evolution in rifted margins: case of Madagascar

14-21     Booth 44
La Gioia A.*, Scicchitano G. & Nuzzo D. : Experimental application of the Sediment Flow Connectivity Index (SfCI) in surface archaeological  inter-site survey

14-22     Booth 45
Remi M.*, La Salandra M., Zingaro M. , Mancino S., Palombella M., Mastronuzzi G. & Capolongo D. : Full-coverage geomorphological mapping using opensource software: a tool for geomorphological risk analysis, management, and mitigation