S10. The role of multidisciplinary approach in the geochemical study of natural systems

Conveners and Chairpersons: Lorenzo Chemeri (Università di Urbino), Evelina Dallara (Università di Pisa), Teresa Scolamacchia (A.S.S.E.T.- Regione Puglia), Marco Taussi (Università di Urbino), Daniele Tardani (Univesidad de O'Higghins), Andrea Brogi (Università di Bari)




Thursday 5 September 2024 [17.30-19.30]

Aula E

10-1     17.30 - 17.45
Franchini S.*, De Filippi F.M., Ferranti F., Barbieri M. & Sappa G. : Comparison of the isotope based early warning model application to two different municipal solid wastes landfills in Central Italy

10-2     17.45 - 18.00
Natali S.*, Doveri M., Franceschi L., Giannecchini R., Menichini M., Nigro M., Delgado-Huertas A., D’Orazio M. & Zanchetta G. : Isotope composition of dissolved sulfates reveals solutes origin and groundwater flows: insights from aquifer systems in Tuscany

10-3     18.00 - 18.15
Tardani D.*, Álvarez-Amado F., Taucare M., Sánchez J., Taussi M. & Daniele L. : The effect of anthropogenic pressure on the coastal groundwater resources: the case of Toro Bayo aquifer, Southern Chile

10-4     18.15 - 18.30
Scolamacchia T.* : Variations in elemental sulfur viscosity and volcanic hazard assessment implications

10-5     18.30 - 18.45
Schito A.*, Muirhead D., Bowden S. & Parnell J. : Hydrothermal hydrocarbons generation and migration into the basement rocks of Southern Tuscany

10-6     18.45 - 19.00
Dallara E.*, Chelle-Michou C., Fulignati P., Gioncada A., Tavazzani L., Tattitch B. & Lelli M. : Fluid evolution in the deep reservoir of the Larderello geothermal system: insights from microthermometry and LA-ICP-MS analyses of quartz-hosted fluid inclusions

10-7     19.00 - 19.15
Hernández De la Cruz A., Benet D., Carrazana di Lucia A., Novembre D. & Gimeno D.* : S behavior, sulfate and SO2 emissions during a basaltic eruption in Central America: the case-study of the December 29th, 2013 eruption of the San Miguel volcano, El Salvador

10-8     19.15 - 19.30
Inguaggiato S.*, Vita F., Inguaggiato C., Mazot A., Schiavo B. & Cangemi M. : Decadal geochemical monitoring of CO2 and SO2 outgassing activity of Vulcano Island, Aeolian Archipelago, Italy


Thursday 5 September 2024

Poster Area

10-9     Booth 31
Chemeri L.*, Nisi B., Pierozzi A., Cabassi J., Taussi M., Venturi S., Delgado-Huertas A. & Vaselli O. : Assessing the origin of N-bearing species in the surface waters from the Arno River Basin (Tuscany, central Italy): insights from nitrogen and oxygen isotopes in dissolved nitrate and nitrite

10-10     Booth 32
Chicco J.M.*, Giordano N., Mandrone G. & Comina C. : Geothermal energy as an integration of existing district heating and cooling grids: evaluation of the thermal performance of the system and of thermal disturbance on the ground from a real case study in NW Italy

10-11     Booth 33
--- Withdrawn --- De Leo A.*, Pedrosa-Soares A.C., Lana C. & Farina F. : Dating a pegmatitic lithium ore deposit: a critical thinking geochronology

10-12     Booth 34
--- Withdrawn --- Della Porta G.* : Micro-scale carbonate precipitates associated with microbial mats in hydrothermal travertines

10-13     Booth 35
Funari V.*, Toller S., Nestola Y., Riminucci F., Iorio M., Mercadante A., Angelino A., Ape F., Greggio N., Dinelli E., Varola G., Graziano L., Coppola D., Vitale L., Tedesco P., de Pascale D. & Mantovani L. : Geochemical characterization and biotechnology potential of marine sediments from a small maritime area around Elba-Argentario Basin (Tyrrhenian Sea, Italy)

10-14     Booth 36
Mammoliti E.*, Fronzi D., Ruggeri P., Magi Galluzzi L. & Tazioli A. : Unravel the groundwater dynamics in a landfill with water isotopes: the peculiar case of Corinaldo Municipality landfill

10-15     Booth 37
Tardani D.*, Álvarez-Amado F., Poblete-González C., Godfrey L. & Matte-Estrada D. : Decoding the processes that lead to the extraordinary enrichment of lithium in the Salar de Atacama (northern Chile): new insights from Li, B and Sr isotopes in surface and groundwater

10-16     Booth 38
Taussi M.*, Vespasiano G., Tardani D., Chemeri L., Nisi B., Vaselli O., Gozzi C., Delgado-Huertas A., Agostini S., Apollaro C. & Renzulli A. : Synergic application of stable isotopes (N-O, B, C) to recognize nitrates sources and processes in the shallow phreatic aquifer of the Metauro River Basin (Central Italy)