S7. Vibrational spectroscopy studies of geomaterials: case studies and new perspectives

Conveners and Chairpersons: Maria Cristina Caggiani (Università di Catania), Francesco Di Benedetto (Università di Ferrara), Laura Fornasini (Università di Parma), Laura Medeghini (Sapienza Università di Roma), Gioacchino Tempesta (Università di Bari)




Wednesday 4 September 2024 [08.30-10.30]

Aula N

7-1     08.30 - 09.00
[KEYNOTE] Conti C.* : Advanced deep Raman Spectroscopy methods for the non-invasive investigation of materials subsurface: impact on Heritage Science

7-2     09.00 - 09.15
Giustetto R.*, Ricchiardi G., Bonino F. & Barbero N. : Novel hybrid materials inspired by ancient technologies: the case of ‘PALY@DAPI’

7-3     09.15 - 09.30
Coccato A.*, Barone G., Mazzoleni P. & Prag J. : Raman spectroscopy reveals pigments on ancient Sicilian inscriptions

7-4     09.30 - 09.45
Tempesta G.*, Monno A., de Ceglia F.P. & Maraschi A. : On site analyses of geomaterials in Sansevero Chapel Museum (Naples)

7-5     09.45 - 10.00
Lubraco G.*, Ferrara V., Medici L., Sogliani F. & Di Leo P. : Answering archaeometric questions on technology and provenance relative to emblematic ancient ceramic productions in Basilicata by combining micro-Raman spectroscopy, micro X-ray fluorescence and micro X-ray diffraction to the study of pigments

7-6     10.00 - 10.15
Martiniello S.*, Capitanio A., Legnaioli S. & Raneri S. : Gemstone, treatments and imitations in medieval goldworking: a gemmological and spectroscopic combined approach

7-7     10.15 - 10.30
Capriotti S.*, Di Fazio M., Miele F., Mattia V. & Annoscia G.M. : An Archaeometric Investigation to analyze some medieval rings from Cencelle (Tarquinia, VT)

Wednesday 4 September 2024 [11.00-13.00]

Aula N

7-8     11.00 - 11.30
(Invited) Ciccola A.*, Ioele M. & Postorino P. : The Deposition by Raffaello: a rediscovery of old cross-sections through vibrational spectroscopies

7-9     11.30 - 11.45
Bernabale M.*, Cognigni F., Contessi S., Silvestri S., La Penna G., Spagnoli F., De Vito C. & Rossi M. : Investigating corrosion systems in archaeological artifacts from Motya (Sicily, Italy): a micro-Raman spectroscopy and correlative imaging approach

7-10     11.45 - 12.00
Di Fazio M.*, Chiarello F., Miele F., Melega A., Nastasi A., Annoscia G.M. & Mignardi S. : The evolution of the corrosion process of medieval objects through IR-spectroscopy

7-11     12.00 - 12.15
Porcaro M.*, Cognigni F., La Penna G., Proietti A., Regoli C., Casi C., Carosi S., Rossi M., Brunetti A. & De Vito C. : Analyzing the structure and chemical composition of an Etruscan bronze fibula from Tomb Number 129 at Vulci (VT, Italy) through a non-destructive multi-analytical approach

7-12     12.15 - 12.30
Calzolari L.*, Fernandez-Martinez A., Capriotti S., Di Fazio M. & Mignardi S. : Archaeological mortars under IR light: application of IR spectroscopic techniques for the study of hydraulic Roman mortars

7-13     12.30 - 12.45
Stagno V.*, Di Fazio M., Giuliani L. & Capuani S. : Non-invasive combined FT-IR and NMR protocol to assess the cleaning action of a lignin-based hydrogel on stones

7-14     12.45 - 13.00
Gadaleta E.*, Tempesta G., De Giorgi M., Neri E. & Scandale E. : Proposal of an interdisciplinary protocol for the archaeometric study of mosaics by spectroscopic methods and history of art


Wednesday 4 September 2024

Poster Area

7-15     Booth 11
Corrente G.*, Caggiani M.C., Eramo G., Lanzafame G., Mazzoleni P., Militello P.M. & Barone G. : Characterization of chert raw material using a non-invasive approch: the case of Hyblean foreland (South-Eastern Sicily)

7-16     Booth 12
Di Fazio M.*, Calzolari L., Rea C., Capriotti S. & Medeghini L. : Evaluation of an IR multi-methods protocol for the study of Cultural Heritage

7-17     Booth 13
Fornasini L.*, Achilli A., Mantovani L., Barone G., Mazzoleni P. & Bersani D. : Pros and cons on the investigation of geopolymers through micro-Raman spectroscopy

7-18     Booth 14
Fornasini L.*, Bersani D., Saviane L., Mantovani L., Iacumin P. & Villicich R. : A multi-technique investigation for provenance determination of white marbles from the Roman villa in Fiumana (Forlì-Cesena, Italy)

7-19     Booth 15
Moricca C., Ciccola A.*, Matassa R., Favero G., Nottola S., Nigro L., Spagnoli F., Nucara A. & Sadori L. : Phoenician seeds are rich in minerals: a multi-analytical study of mineralised archaeobotanical remains from the archaeological site of Motya

7-20     Booth 16
Porcaro M.*, Mazzotta G., Michetti L.M., Conti A., De Caro T., Brunetti A. & De Vito C. : Microstructure, chemistry and corrosion products of copper and copper alloys of artefacts from Pyrgi (Italy) through a multi-analytical approach

7-21     Booth 17
Rea C.*, Calzolari L., Capriotti S., De Vito C., Aurisicchio C., Mignardi S. & Medeghini L. : Application of infrared external reflection spectroscopy in the identification of emerald provenance

7-22     Booth 18
Spironello M.Y.*, Barone G., Mazzoleni P., Caggiani M.C. & Fugazzotto M. : Precious votive offerings in 17th- and 18th-century Sicilian production: non-invasive gemmological analyses

7-23     Booth 19
Tempesta G.*, Calvano C.D. & Rigante E.C.L. : Spectroscopic studies of white and black pigments in a Dalì painting